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Get the latest news about the PET industry every day.

Get the latest news about the international PET industry weekly.

PET Retailers in Europe, USA & Canada

PET Retailers in Europe, USA & Canada

Loose leaf booklet including file and database CD

A unique collection of information on the pet retail trade in Europe and North America. Essential information for successful marketing, sales and external sales activities.                                  

  • Company profiles on more than 280 pet retail chain stores, franchise companies, as well as cooperations
  • Contact details, facts and figures and headquarter structure.
  • Data on the general macroeconomic situation of more than 30 countries
  • Always up-to-date information due to annual updates (à € 169.-)
  • database CD including all data in doc, xls, dbf and pdf format for a more effective sales and store location planning, customised selection, mailings and customer acquisition.

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