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The Dähne Verlag was founded in 1970 and is a successful family business in its second generation. Growing up in the do-it-yourself market, the specialized publisher gradually expanded its range of publications and is now also active in the areas: garden, wood, pets and aquaristics, terraristics, dogs and garden ponds. 

The publishing program includes about a dozen trade and consumer magazines, numerous Internet portals and other publications, including trade and address directories, buyers’ guides and a wide variety of books in the fields of aquaristic, terraristic and garden ponds.


With the new magazine terraristik the publisher has gradually expanded into a booming market segment, further developing its offers for the end consumer.

Through the acquisition of Nippers, a successful regional magazine for dog lovers, another foothold in the successful pet market is created., the highly successful website of the diy magazine undergoes a complete relaunch and provides even more information and services. All other websites follow gradually.


The publisher celebrates its 40th company anniversary.

The acquisition of the competing magazine Aquarium Live and the merger with aquaristik significantly strengthens the position in the highly competitive aquaristic magazine market.


Sale of investments in the DeDeNet GmbH and W&D GmbH and focus on the core business.

Gernot Dähne retires as CEO of the company but remains as a shareholder and focuses on the management of DeDeNet.


The book program sees a constant expansion and by now includes around 50 titles. The new and reasonably priced reading material is very successful. 

The publication of the Garden & Lifestyle magazine is discontinued. 


In cooperation with a partner, W&D Vertriebsmanagement GmbH is founded. The company provides international services in the areas of telemarketing, market research, customer care and training.


The first edition of the specialist magazine Garden & Lifestyle and the special interest magazine caridina are published.

The premiere of the first International PET Conference in November takes place and is immediately well received.


Sale of shares in the Dutch publishing company MIXpress to one of the shareholders. Both publishers continue to work together.


With the first Pet Congress, the Dähne Verlag creates an additional economic foothold in the events area, continuing its diversification in the traditional industries.


With the emergence of the English specialist magazine PET in Europe (now PET worldwide), the international market for the pet supply industry opens up.


A first publication in the growing water garden sector, appears with the issue of Gartenteich magazine.

On the company’s 30th anniversary, founders Karl-Heinz and Antonia Dähne step down from the management and daily business and hand over to their two sons Marc and Gernot Dähne.  


Acquisition of a majority stake in the Dutch MIXpress Verlag with the publications MIX, Groene Markt and Keetens in Kaart. The company group now has more than 50 employees.


In cooperation with a software company, the subsidiary DeDeNet Internet-und Multimedia-Entwicklungen GmbH is founded.

Gernot Dähne, the second son of the company founder, is appointed to the management of the Dähne Verlag.


In the meantime 37 employees move into the new publishing house in Ettlingen (Am Erlengraben), which was built due to growing demand for space.


The first edition of the specialist magazine Holzforum is published for the German wood trade sector, thus filling a hitherto unoccupied niche in the magazine landscape.


The Dähne Verlag employs 25 people.

Marc Dähne, eldest son of the company founder, joins the management.


With the acquisition of an existing aquaristic book program, Dähne premiers in catering for the end consumer division.  Six months later, this division is expanded through the acquisition of the special interest magazine Aquarisitk aktuell (now: aquaristik – Aktuelle Süßwasserpraxis).


Long before the opening up of the European economic market and the European monetary union, the Dähne Verlag did the internationalization idea justice with its multi-lingual specialist magazine DIY in Europe (now: DIY International).


The Dähne Verlag takes over the specialist magazine pet Zoo-Report (today: pet Fachmagazin) and develops it into the leading industry magazine in the pet supply industry.


The entry into the growing do-it-yourself sector follows with the Dähne Informationsdienst, DIY and home improvement stores edition.The first Diy Branchen-Report (now: diyFachmagazin) premiers six months later.


Karl-Heinz and Antonia Dähne found the Dähne Verlag and as a 2-person company offer the first Dähne Informationsdienst for the food/non-food sector.